Performance Techniques That Will Make You a Pro

Attention!  Now Includes Over Eight Hours of Interviews With:

Doc Eason - Eric DeCamps - Allan Hayden - Brian Gillis - Lou Serrano Tad Nyland - Aaron Fisher - Sylvester the Jester

"How to Make Your Magic Show So Good You'll Be Able To Command Higher Fees Than Anybody You know, Get Repeat Bookings, and Earn the Respect of Your Peers"

If you want to completely eliminate stage fright, amaze audiences with your performance, and go from hobbyist to professional magician, then this might be the most important letter you’ll ever read. Here’s why…

Dear Friend,

My name is Zach Waldman and I’m a professional stand-up comedian and magician. In addition to being a regular performer at The Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA, and several restaurants, I make a killer living performing for the rich and famous.

My client list includes celebrities (Vice President Al Gore, Chris Rock, Gene Wilder, and many, many more), corporations, and mega rich people you’ve never heard of.

Most importantly, I’m an incredibly happy and content person because I’m healthy, wealthy, and get to earn a fantastic living performing magic. I can help you accomplish the same thing, but first, I’m going to make some assumptions:

You have a ton of magic tricks, books, DVD's, lecture notes, and magazines.

You always wanted to make the transition from being a wannabe, hobbyist magician, to that of a paid entertainer working for real people.

If that sounds like you, keep reading!

You should know that one of the reasons I’m successful is because I’ve been a student of marketing my entire life.

I recommend you study it as well, but I’m going to give you a huge marketing secret right now.

The number one, absolute, best marketing tool you have is your show.

Yes, you should have a business card, a website, a demo video, testimonials, headshots, a mailing list you contact regularly, and many other things.

However, (and here’s another secret) it’s much easier to make a great living as a magician if your audience is affluent, you can charge more than everybody else, and you get lots of bookings from repeat customers and word-of-mouth.

You can accomplish all of those things, but only if your show is awesome.

At the same time, you have to start somewhere. Many people never get their first paid gigs because they don’t feel they’re good enough.

The only way you’ll get great is by performing as often as possible.

Ignore magicians that tell you that you aren’t ready to get a restaurant gig or to do strolling magic at a cocktail party. Magic is art and you’ll improve as long as you’re performing. If you never get started though, you’ll never grow.

You cannot become a great performer by reading a book, going to lectures, watching videos, or taking classes.

However, all of those things can make your journey less frustrating and help you progress faster.

This is exactly what my multimedia course Performance Techniques That’ll Make You a Pro is guaranteed to do for you.

In This Course, You'll...

Gain tremendous performing confidence (you’ll command the stage like a star).

Eliminate embarrassing performances (never bomb again).

Instead of sounding like a meek little mouse, learn proper voice techniques so you roar like a lion when hitting the stage.

One performance technique you can use immediately to make your show ten times better.

Do you sound like a scripted robot when delivering patter? Have you ever noticed when a good stand-up comedian performs, it’s like he’s having a conversation with the audience? This is a skill you can learn and it will take your show to the next level.

Improvise hilarious lines off the cuff (using old jokes may be okay for hacks, but not for you).

Become a respected and original magician (people will remember your performance because it won’t be the same old and tired thing).

Be the center of attention, get free drinks, meet girls (or guys), and get paid ridiculous gobs of cash for doing what you love…Performing magic for real people that will hire you for THEIR events.

Here’s a secret: Stage fright isn’t normal. You don’t have to live with a fear of performing; I’ll show you how to stop the anxiety.

Those so called butterflies in your stomach can feel more like hornets (put an end to annoying pre show jitters forever).

Never have a panic attack or suffer from stage fright again (you’ll be relaxed and confident before every show).

Don’t let fear of failure, not believing you can make money, jealous magicians, stage fright, or lack of knowledge get in your way of achieving your dream.

Improvisation techniques that will instantly make you a quick wit (dealing with hecklers is easy when you can be funny off script).

Don’t look like a big oaf that’s never been on stage before (learn proper stage movement and command the attention of the room right when you start your show).

When you talk, do dogs howl? Does Shaq sound eloquent compared to you? You’ll learn proper voice techniques that can make the difference between mediocre reactions and people saying you’re the most entertaining magician they’ve ever seen.

You’re wrong if you think you have to be naturally creative to be an original magician. You can learn to be creative and it’s not hard.

What Makes This Course Different

Performance Techniques That’ll Make You a Pro doesn’t contain a single trick. I assume you have more of those than you know what to do with.

Instead, this course is about one of the most important aspects of being a magician, which is the performance.

There are great books that cover theory and showmanship for magicians, but there is not any course in existence like this one, which teaches you step-by-step how to become a better performer in the real world.

For example, I love the book Magic and Showmanship, by Henning Nelms. It contains great theory and practical advice.

However, what good is it to know where stage-left is if you have nothing entertaining to do when you get there!?

Not only that, I offer a 100% money-back guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied for any reason at all with this course, let me know and I’ll refund every dime of your money.

Here are Four Good Reasons
to Believe What I Say


I've been creating products to help magicians become better performers and book more gigs since 2003. As a result, you know I'll be here to help you achieve your dreams of becoming a professional magician, or at the very least, a professional calibar performer.


I won't get rich offering this course, but that doesn't matter because I make my living performing! You can see for yourself by visiting my website at In other words, I don't teach theory, I teach what I know to work in the the real world.


I’m a regular performer at The Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA. I’ve been a member of S.A.M. since 1990. I perform at the top restaurants in Los Angeles. My clients are the rich and famous and Fortune 500 companies. My shows are in demand because they’re good. I’m able to charge more than other magicians because I deliver more. I tell you EXACTLY what I’m doing so you can copy me and have the same success.


Performance Techniques That'll Make You a Pro is backed by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t feel you’re getting at least ten times more value than you’ve invested, then drop me a note and I'll give you a full refund.

Don't Take My Word For It, Read What People Are Saying About Performance Techniques That'll Make You a Pro

Brian Gillis

Press Play to Hear Brian

"Zach Waldman has developed an intricate and all-encompassing network of tools to help any pro or novice enhance every aspect of their career.

If you're interested in booking more shows, improving your act or modeling successful performers, this is your one-stop shop.

He has obviously been indefatigable and thorough in providing a plethora of reference material in every conceivable category of the entertainment business."

Brian Gillis
World's Best Close-Up Magician - World Magic Awards

"I must say before getting Zach's ebook, I had no direction on how or where I wanted to head with my Magicial career. Now after reading and listening I have now taken the steps and am on my way to getting my first booking. Thanks Zach and keep em coming."

Lion Fludd

Lion Fludd

Press Play to Hear Lion

Christopher Kavanagh

Christopher Kavanagh

“Zach Waldman is a full time professional magician that is making quite a name for him for himself in the entertainment world.

Not only among his high end corporate and celebrity clients, or the guests he entertains in one of his California restaurants where he performs regularly, but among magicians and entertainers that have purchased one of his products to help them take their careers to the next level.

I recently joined his new website The Underground Secrets of Pro Magicians and am impressed with the enthusiasm and quality of information Zach has brought to the table. If you want to get to the next level, join Zach’s site today!”

"Zach Waldman is the rare synthesis of razor-sharp humor and even sharper technical skill. He warms over any crowd with his charm then blows them away with his killer magic. Don't tell him I said any of this, though. It would go straight to his afro."

Micah Cover

Micah Cover
Professional Magician

Matt Salinas

Press Play to Hear Matt

“I’d just like to say that Zach Waldman’s courses are awesome!

I’m a budding magician and I’m learning a lot. Just what I’ve learned from his restaurant course has helped me tremendously.

I’m learning about commitment, confidence, and charisma. What doesn’t he have on this site?

It behooves anybody interested in becoming a magician to sign up, so sign up!”

Matt Salinas

I’m a big fan of Zach Waldman’s products. I’ve purchased the restaurant magician’s course as well as the stand-up comedy/magic course and I have been more than satisfied with my interaction with Zach.

He goes out of his way to make sure you’re completely satisfied and helps each individual which is nice. It’s not just something that gets put out and forgotten.

He’ll work with you and make sure you’re successful because honestly, you’re a reflection of him and he doesn’t want to look bad. He takes the time to work with every individual and make you the best magician you’re willing to be and when I say, that you’re willing to be, you have to put the work into it. If you put the work into it, Zach will give you the tools to make you successful. Thank you very much!

Matt Episcopo

matt episcopo

Press Play to Hear Matt

Stephen Bailey

Press Play to Hear Steve

“I’ve been applying Zach Waldman’s lessons for a little more than a year now and my magic career has exploded, specifically because I’ve been following Zach’s advice.

Some people promise more than they can deliver, we all see that everyday, but Zach has overdelivered for me everytime and this continues with his new product.

I’ve checked it out and I really like it and I believe if you listen to Zach, you will be a better magician period.”

Steve Bailey

Zach’s put together a huge amount of information for anybody that wants to become a pro magician.

It’s hard to get straight answers from pros to simple questions like, “How much should I charge for working restaurants.  What about private parties?”

When you join The Underground, you get answers to these questions but you also learn that the quality of your show is what’s most important.

Luckily, everything you need is here to improve your show so you can charge more than all of the magicians in your area.

I love being a part of this community and knowing that I’m getting information that nobody else has and I’m getting it from the best magicians around.

Thanks Zach!

Tad Nyland
Emmy Award Winning Editor/Magician

Tad Nyland

Press Play to Hear Tad

Lou Serrano

Press Play to Hear Lou

“The Underground Secrets of Pro Magicians is unlike anything else on the web.  Everything you need to become a better performer and sell your show is here.

Zach’s new product, Performance Techniques That Will Make You a Pro, is reason enough to join the club.  I’ve told non-magicians about Zach’s 5 C’s to performing excellence because his concepts are applicable to life, not just the stage.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just beginning in this business, you will learn techniques that will elevate your show to a whole new level, a level that will be remembered and get you booked more often.

Furthermore, if you have a great show but need to book more gigs, Zach’s expert marketing advise will have your phone ringing almost immediately.  Join The Underground today.  I know I’m happy to be a part of this elite group of marketers.”

Lou Serrano
Professional Magician and Speaker

Here's What You Get!

  • Over two hours of instruction on performance techniques guaranteed to improve your show.
  • Finally have fun with your magic and get paid exorbitant fees for the privilege.
  • Stop throwing your money at more tricks that won’t get you any work (don’t be an adult with magic toys, be a pro elevating this wonderful art form).
  • Follow step by step instructions that will help you become a pro (your reward is spending more time doing what you love).
  • Earn the respect of the magic community as they watch you become a stellar performer (seemingly overnight).
  • This recession SUCKS! You don’t have to be a victim of it; you can be proactive and book more gigs now. When this friggin’ thing blows over, all of the skills you’ve acquired will work even better.
  • 100%, totally free, easy to do things you can do today to become a better performer while booking more gigs.
  • Have your audience in stitches with laughter and guarantee they remember you and “not just some magician.”
  • You didn’t dream of becoming a magician just to end up a salesman (learn to sell your shows without doing “pitches.” Your great show will do the selling for you.)
  • A recipe for improving your performance.
  • The number one mistake everybody makes when they're learning how to entertain an audience.

I Want to Make Something Very Clear to You

Becoming a professional magician and getting paid big bucks does not happen overnight. Anybody telling you otherwise is on crack or possibly PCP.

However, you can become a better performer in less time. You can also save yourself the embarrassment and frustration that comes with having a bad show, because I'll help you avoid that in the first place.

Who Do You Want to Learn From?

You can continue to listen to the people in your magic club or the magicians that do lectures (many don’t make money performing for real people), or you can learn from somebody that makes a great living as a full-time performer.

I’ll tell you right upfront:  I’m NOT going to teach you the real secrets of becoming a highly paid, top notch magician for next to nothing.  Truthfully, you get what you pay for.

Ever see those late night infomercials that promise to make you rich for your investment of $19.95?  Why would anybody making a fortune tell you how to do it for next to nothing?  That’s right, they wouldn’t.

You don’t know this, but I get paid $500.00 an hour for consulting with great magicians.  Often times, these guys have awesome sleight of hand chops but they need help with their performance or marketing.  It’s not a ton of money, but they do pay my fee.  Why?  Because the magicians I help see a huge return on their investment.

Performance Techniques That’ll Make You a Pro isn’t cheap but it’s extremely reasonable.  It’s $71.00.

If that isn’t fair, I don’t know what is.

Let’s pretend the only thing you get out of my course is how to get rid of stage fright forever. Isn’t that worth $71.00?

If you get just one repeat client because your show is better, that is worth thousands of dollars in the long-run.

You pay a lot more than $71.00 for magic lectures and tricks that don’t do anything to make you a better performer or bring you any closer to making a living as a magician.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good magic lecture.  However, there’s only so much you can get out of seeing a trick, being amazed by it, watching the explanation, buying it, and then shoving it in your drawer to collect dust.  We all do that and there’s nothing wrong with it.

However, if you want to know how to take all of that magic and organize it into a great show you can sell, the value of this information becomes obvious.

Lastly, there is no fluff in this course. It’s over two hours long, is step-by-step, and gives you real world advice on improving your performance you won’t find anywhere else.

Ironclad, You-Can't-Lose-Money-Back Guarantee

Because I’m so confident you’re going to love this product, I’m willing to extend an ironclad, 100%, you-can’t-lose money-back guarantee:

Take my product. Try it out. If you aren’t 500% thrilled and more, I don’t want your money. All I ask is that you actually try my methods and give them a shot.

Just put in a fair effort. If you aren’t satisfied with the results, just drop me a note anytime within 30 days and I’ll refund every dime of your money. Fair enough? The only reason I can do this is because I’m supremely confident you’re going to fall in love with my course.

Still Not Convinced?  Order Now and Get These Free Bonuses!

  • Bonus #1 - Value Added Profits (How I Went from $750.00 to $7,500 for a Show) - This is a report I wrote that is not specifically for magicians.  It's for anybody selling anything, whether it's a product or a service.  However, what I share here are some of my biggest secrets for making a lot of money performing magic.
  • Bonus #2 - Phone Consultation With Me ($500) Value - The people that have taken me up on this have benefited tremendously.  No matter what you need, I'm here to help.  I can review your demo video, marketing materials, or offer advice on anything you're struggling with.  You have me at your disposal for a complete hour.
  • Explode Your Sales With LinkedIn - The Social Networking Site That's Better Focused Than FaceBook With Richer Members Than Twitter - And Yet Hardly Anyone Knows How To Harness Its Massive Potential.  This is a $37 course and it's included for free.

That's Over $500.00 in Bonuses FREE!
One More Thing...

If you have any doubts whatsoever about investing in this course, here’s what I recommend. Don’t decide now if it’s for you. Just sign up. Try it out. Give it a whirl. You have all the time to think about it you need because I offer a 60-Day, 100% money-back guarantee.


Zach Waldman

P.S. Woud you like to learn the secrets of some of the best magicians working today? For only $14.00 more, I will include audio interviews from Tad Nyland, Brian Gillis, Doc Eason, Eric DeCamps, Lou Serrano, Aaron Fisher, Allan Hayden, and Sylvester the Jester!

Every interview is about an hour long (most are a few minutes longer) and they all come with a set of interview notes and action steps. So, not only do you get great advice from incredible magicians on what to do, you actually will know how to do what they say!

P.P.S. Remember, I can only guarantee the free bonuses if you order now. So don’t delay. Click the BUY NOW button below and you can start becoming a better performer immediately.

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